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The flags that caught the nations eyes.

Phillipsburg moves to limit cameras at council meetings. Click the picture below to watch the video.

Click on the picture below to enjoy the wonderful views of Phillipsburg

Come on down to Jimmy's Hot Dog Stand to get some dogs. Grab a table and enjoy the surroundings with a wonderful view. Make sure to bring a family member or friend.

Old Ingersoll Rand IR Track

Commerce Park Ground water contamination

Why do we want Commerce Park/IR track?


The Town Legend's

Charlie Bowlby

Butch Tigar

The Town Of Phillipsburg is currently 11 million dollars in debt. So they spend $90,000 on another salt, cinder and sand bin?

Animal control officer providing school bus services at tax payers expense.


Dennis Viscomi, earning every bit of his $91,848 a year salary.

Thomas Dugey, earning $61,632 a year, and Chad McGinley, earning $41,720 a year. Working hard on a personal vehicle during town time.

Gang Tags Around Town

Mayor Harry Wyant claims that there is no gang activity in Phillipsburg.



2011 NJ Gang SurveyIn Phillipsburg, the report shows 10 gangs with 85 members. The report says Independence Township has nearly half the 235 gang members in Hudson County's urban West New York."

"The gang problem in Phillipsburg is not as prevalent as the newspapers say," said Wyant, noting he asked the police chief to survey the problem. "He cannot give me anything documenting it. There is no direct evidence of gang incidents in Phillipsburg."

The Phillipsburg Police Department reports that these OMGs and street gangs distribute crack in Phillipsburg, as well as across the border in Easton, Pennsylvania. The Bloods, Crips, Cash Money Boys, Haitian Mafia, and Latin Kings are the most dominant retail cocaine distributors in Warren County. These gangs use Phillipsburg and Easton as distribution points and stash locations." <scroll to bottom when article appears>

Elijah Ford, of Freemansburg, and James Ford, of Phillipsburg, two half-brothers and members of the Bloods street gang, were arrested today for an alleged gang-related murder in Somerset County last month.

A Phillipsburg man and his half-brother have been charged with murder in the gang-related shooting last month near the Bound Brook train station, Somerset County Prosecutor Geoffrey Soriano said yesterday. The two men, believed to be members of the Bloods street gang, face charges of first-degree murder, first-degree conspiracy to commit murder, second-degree aggravated assault and possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose, Soriano said.

Phillipsburg reports second armed robbery in span of two weeks

The attorney representing one of the three men charged with an October gang rape in Phillipsburg wants the indictment against his client dismissed.

Law enforcement officials have identified the man taken into custody this morning in the 300 block of Washington Street in Phillipsburg as a convicted sex offender who allegedly failed to register as a resident of Mercer County. Housley, who authorities say is a member of the Nine-Trey Gangsta Bloods street gang, was wanted in Mercer County for failing to register as a sex offender under Megan's Law.

Ricks, then a high-ranking member of the Easton Bloods gang, knew the business well. He and another associate, Stacy DeShawn "Rock" Campbell, were prominent in the Easton-Phillipsburg drug trade and leaders of their gang."

He said there is evidence of the Bloods, Crips and Latin Kings in several local locations. He [JP Stettner] said gang-related violence has occurred in town, although he declined to cite specific instances for fear of spoiling ongoing investigations."

Owner Refutes Presence of Gangs

Council passed a gang-related ordinance two years ago, Stettner said, but it didn't cover graffiti. "I'm not going to worry about [the public] challenging us. [Gang members] work by stealth. They don't want us to know where they are," he said.

Phillipsburg police investigating early morning shooting in area of Firth and Hudson streets

Members of the Crips also operate in Asbury Park, East Orange, Englewood, Hoboken, Jersey City, Orange, Phillipsburg, Teaneck and Trenton.

There is a significant influx of gang influence in the town and youth ministries of the church are trying to target middle school students to keep them out of the gangs.


Phillipsburg wants crooks out. How did they get in?

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. P'burg at its finest.

Phillipsburg Icehouse Intersection


Harry's economic growth plan.

Welcome tourists come see Phillipsburg.

Mayor Wyant commits insurance fraud

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Mayor Harry Wyant fined for having youth offenders clean up his personal properties. Click to view.


Click Here to view Harry's ethics investigation


Harry Wyants new best buddy, Todd "Turncoat" Tersigni.

Its your money and I need it NOW!

Bought and paid for by the taxpayers of Phillipsburg.


Phillipsburg Easton Free Bridge August 29 2011





our brand new phillipsburg high school since 2008.

Phillipsburg High School Trailer Park. Where does the money go?

Phillipsburg's Methadone Clinic

This place is getting more business than Wawa in the morning.

Randy Piazza was more concerned about how i got pictures of gang tags than the situation at hand.

Click the picture below to watch the June 5th, 2012 town council meeting.

Indications of gangs in Phillipsburg. Harry Wyant says, "Phillipsburg does not have a gang problem."

Easton's Special Response Team vehicle.

Phillipsburg's Community Emergency Response Team vehicle

Community Service Unit vehicle A.K.A. The Magazine Stand on Wheels


The 7 clowns that run our town.


Pure confusion when Tom Bush asked, "Who was on the committee that approved the business loans?"

Question posed by resident Tom Bush: "So we are going to be losing $100,000 annually, in revenue?"

Did P'burg break law?

Meeting minutes don't lie. "Harry lies!!!"

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Cable company pulls P'burg ads

Meeting minutes don't lie. "Harry lies!!!"

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Wyants tenure has been disaster for Phillipsburg

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Before leaving for work check the live streaming traffic cam.

My buddy

Phillipsburg's town council's irritant. AKA Thomas Bush

"No, You are out of order!"


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Shame on you is about blighted, disgraceful, and garbage strewn properties. Send photos to PhillipsburgRaw@verizon.net